Community of Practice for Student Internships and Faculty Externships

Provided by Charles Eason who is the Statewide Director Business and Entrepreneurship Sector

This webpage is a repository of resources to assist California Community College faculty, administrators, and employer engagement specialists participating in the California Advanced Defense Ecosystems & National Consortia Effort (CADENCE) Dual Use Innovation Internships/Externships Project.

Webinars/Meetings Recordings:

Friday, February 5th, 2021 – CADENCE Project 10 RFA Informational Webinar recording | slides

Friday, March 26th, 2021 – CADENCE Orientation Project 10 Kickoff and Training Part I for the Governor’s Office DOD Grant recording | slides

Friday, April 30th, 2021 – CADENCE Orientation Project 10 Kickoff and Training Part II for the Governor’s Office DOD Grant recording | slides

Friday, May 28th, 2021 – CADENCE Orientation Project 9 & 10 Community of Practice Zoom Call recording | slides

Thursday, June 3rd, 2021 – CADENCE Orientation Project 9 & 10 Employer Informational Webinar recording | slides

Friday, June 25th, 2021 – CADENCE Orientation Project 9 & 10 Community of Practice Zoom Call recording | slides

Friday, July 23th, 2021 – CADENCE Orientation Project 9 & 10 Community of Practice Zoom Call recording | slides

Employer Outreach Materials:

Template for Outreach Flyer

Template for Outreach Email

FCCC Career Catalyst Program Resources:

Career Catalyst Training Recordings and Slides

Career Catalyst: Workday User Guides and Video Tutorials

Approving Timesheets in Workday Video Tutorial

Career Catalyst Payroll Calendars

Frequently Asked Questions

General RFA

  • With post-Covid breakdown of physical college-boundaries, especially with multi-college districts, is it possible that the college/student mix can be district-wide?
    • Yes, since the application is per college, applicants can be within a district due to at least one faculty required. However, since a limited amount of colleges will be selected with regional balance as a consideration, it would be advisable to coordinate within a multi-college district.
  • It says ‘at least one coach…”….can be and do you see more, per college?
    • Yes, more than one faculty resume can be submitted. The local college, if awarded, would determine how to assign the corresponding stipend(s) to the applicant faculty.
  • What kind of faculty experience is required or desirable for CADENCE?
    • The rating rubric only indicates “practical experience of mentoring students with open ended employer problems” as the highest recommended experience.
  • Is there compensation for the Faculty Extern role, if so, how does this work?
    • Awarded colleges will receive $8,500 ($8,000 for faculty stipends plus $500 for faculty travel expenses).
  • Does the salary of the interns come out of that $8,500?
    • No, this is a separate account awarded to a 3rd party employer of record who will handle payroll of the student.
  • Will grant be administered at State level or local campus level. Will I be interfacing with my college or with you?
    • Solano Community College District will extend an agreement to your college and work within a reimbursement accounting method.


  • How are employers matched with colleges or students?
    • A database of recent SBIR/STTR companies will be used to solicit based on regional and topics. Please search for companies using this link.
  • Do the faculty find the DOD companies or do you already have companies in mind?
    • The project team will be utilizing a database to target communication campaign in coordination with awarded colleges. Local colleges, in coordination with the project team, will develop outreach campaigns and webinars to solicit the appropriate partnerships. If you have local companies, we can look up if they are SBIR/STTR.

Student Internships

  • What are the terms of each internship? How many hours?
    • The internships are 75 hours at $15/hr or if there’s a higher local municipal rate
  • How are students selected for the internships?
    • We recommend developing a local communication campaign within your courses and department to solicit applications. Develop a resume preparation workshop with your career center to assist students learn how to apply to an application. Additionally, have a local process to select the applicants. Direct students to the student CADENCE application when they are ready to submit and receive the applications to review with a public deadline to submit.
  • For the DOD background check is U.S. citizenship required? Is there drug testing?
    • Students that are accepted by the internal college application process undergo a background check. There is no requirement of citizenship, only proof of being allowed to work in the U.S.
  • Any measurable outcomes for students and faculty
    • Recommended :
      • Student Education Validation –portfolio and resume, review in exit interview. i.e. Experience >> technical skills (Strategy vs tactics )
      • Impact on business –cost savings, professional solutions and strategies, setbacks. i.e. Identify needs of business and respond to needs
      • Case study for college program. Industry, careers, diversity
  • What is time frame for the project with a potential DOD employer?
    • We typically observed students completing the hours within a semester time frame.
  • The 2 interns – is that placed concurrently? Or can be one after the other?
    • This would be determined by the faculty coach and the amount of time that they can dedicate. Background of students may also play a factor to deciding how to structure the experience. There are benefits of working within a 2 person team, however there is also a benefit of the students working with the faculty coach and the employer to oversee their individual progress much closer and “hand-off” the work started by one and continued by another.

FCCC Processes

  • Who approves time sheets etc. You or my college?
    • Timesheet approval is a locally coordinated process with the employer, faculty coach and a timekeeper supervisor validating submitted hours and completion of work through an online portal provided my the FCCC, the employer of record.
  • How will students interact with the Foundation for California Community College (FCCC) Workday platform?


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